LED Corn Bulbs

LED Corn bulbs are energy efficient light bulbs meant to retrofit HID lamps for high bay, post top, shoe box, area lights, bollard and other enclosed fixtures. LED corn cob lights can replace high pressure sodium, mercury vapor and Metal Halide bulbs easily with medium or mogul base LED bulbs. LED corn lights usually have an omnidirectional beam angle with range from warm white to cool white color temperatures. Corn cob LED retrofits are efficient 100 watt metal halide up to 600W MH led replacements. 

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What is a Corn Cob LED Bulb?

LED corn cob light bulbs are round lamps that replace commercial HID and halogen lamps for commercial and industrial applications. Most LED corn cob lamps have a 360° beam angle to provide maximum light coverage in the area around and above the light fixture. These LED corn bulbs can be mounted in an upward, downward or horizontal direction. LED corn bulbs are available in two installations methods; one requires bypassing the HID ballast to connect directly into 120 or 277V, the other installation is plug and play, which consists of a built in LED driver. 

Corn Cob LED lights are perfect replacements for 70 watt metal halide, 100 watt metal halide, 150 watt metal halide, 250 watt metal halide, 400 watt metal halide, 600 watt metal halide and 1000 watt metal halide or hps fixtures. LED corn bulbs are suitable for enclosed fixtures and may be installed in damp, wet or even hazardous locations. Choose from different color temperatures in warm white, neutral white, cool white and daylight ranges.

LED corn cob lamps provide a more energy efficient lighting solution for parking lots, football fields, building perimeters, walkways, car dealerships, stadiums, parks and most commercial applications. Corn cob bulbs have a longer life rate and require low maintenance compared to traditional HID lamps, resulting in more energy and cost savings in the long run. 

Adjustable LED Corn Cob Bulbs

Some LED corn bulbs have an adjustable beam angle feature that allow them to be installed in applications that require more downlight or directional light. The style of the corn lamps can be modified to direct more light downwards and sideways rather than upwards. Adjustable LED corn lights are ideal for retrofitting metal halide or HPS high bays, low bays and canopy light. These corn lamps can be installed in warehouses, workshops, aircraft hangars and gymnasiums.

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