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Kichler Landscape Lighting

Professional outdoor landscape lighting adds sense of beauty, tranquility and safety to your home garden, walkway and entrance areas. Landscape lighting makes the best by highlighting features that you may not take note of during the day and creating  designs for every corner of the yard to achieve the beautiful nighttime scene using the most important details in your yard and drawing attention to prized plantings and trees.

Landscape Lighting in both low voltage (12V) and line voltage (120V) are suitable for commercial applications such as illuminating signs, facades, and public use areas. And highlighting home's architectural features.There are many types of light fixtures and a lot of spaces to place them, that you need to consider when you are making your lighting plan. While some lighting can be placed virtually anywhere, some spots make it an absolute must. those include Entries, Paths, Driveway, Steps, Decks or Patios. Below are the types of lighting you might find in landscape.

Kichler Led Accent Flood Lights

While FloodLights help focusing attention on your landscape's most important details, Floodlights also provide enough light on paths and areas around your property to create more secure exterior areas. Floodlights in both low voltage (12V) and line voltage (120V), both types are suitable for outdoor use after dark by illuminate objects in ways that create a beautiful nighttime scene like highlighting Garden Beds, Retaining walls,Bushed, small trees, and water features with underwater lights in residential applications, or illuminating signs, facades, and public use areas in commercial applications. Bees lighting has a wide selection of LED floodlights that vary by style, finish ,shapes and range of angles to fit any application. These lighting options that illuminate areas for up to thousands of hours are durable, they're also eco-friendly and cost-efficient make them the ideal lights to illuminate the landscape. Flood Lights can be positioned as an uplight where lights aimed upwards create a dramatic effect, or downlight when a fixture is mounted high in the trees to simulate rays of the moon's soft glow.

Kichler Led Path Lights

Path Light is the most common type of Landscape Lighting. Use Path lights to illuminate flowerbed, driveways, and pathways which should be more illuminated than the other landscape area to provide enough light on these paths and areas so you can safely navigate your property at night with path light guiding the way. Bees Lighting has a wide variety of path lights of all sizes, shapes and finishes. Selecting the ideal Path light for you home is based on your preferences for how you want to reveal the shape of structure even under an extremely dark sky. In addition to our 12v and 120V models, Bees Lighting has Path lights that project downward, and most of them have some kind of shade to prevent the light from shining into people's eyes.

Kichler Led hardscape Lights

Hardscape Lighting enables you to make satisfactory use of your outdoor living spaces during dark hours by highlighting the unique qualities of the Retaining wall, and use existing structures to highlight patios, walkways,pergola. Hardscape Lighting does double duty for security and safety by illuminating your walkways, steps, driveways to make an area or path safe to walk around at night. It also makes outdoor spaces livable, comfortable, and relaxing. Hardscape lighting use existing walls or materials,like stone or brick ,and it can be mounted either during or after the installation of your pavers to provide more natural feel to the lighting scene. Bees Lighting offers variety of hardscape lighting fixtures in 12V with filter for various specific finishes. 

Kichler Led Step Lights

The Outdoor Step Lights make up the stairs themselves lighting up the garden, decks and pathways in ways to create a beautiful nighttime scene. Ideally you should have sufficient lighting along stairways and near steps to ensure that you and your guests won't trip over an unexpected step up or down. And also ensure that the lighting is not jarring or shining in your face. Use Step Lights to increase safety when walking on the deck or stairs at night or help people to safely traverse across your property with step lights guiding the way. All your outdoor spaces become more beautiful and usable wherever these fixtures are used, whether you're planning for stairs and steps to your walkways and outdoor rooms, or other lighting options like railing and banisters that might make your landscape even more special. Bees Lighting has a wide selection depends on how many lumens do you need to make your landscape area even more unique and classy look.

Kichler Led Inground Lights

In-ground Landscape Lighting fixtures help create a safe and comfortable environment in commercial and industrial building, and add a dramatic touch to the exterior of your home at night with an elegant glow through light fixtures buried in strategic places. Multiple well lights are used together to highlight an area of landscaping or light a pathway. Also brighten your outdoor spaces by installing and concealing well lights within ground  provides security and ensures safety to individuals in your property. You will be impressed by all the creative ways and ideas used to light steps, flower beds and trees in the gardens and stone pathways.

Kichler Landscape Transformers

Convert standard home line voltage (120 volts) to a lower voltage (12 or 24 volts) using low voltage lighting transformer which designed to work with low voltage Landscape lighting fixtures in your garden. Many transformers are small enough to hide in the garden behind large leafy plants or sculptures or mounted to a wall. The transformer is The main component for distributing safe voltage to all landscaping lights, and is best to  place the transformer close to the area you wish to illuminate to eliminate voltage drop and enable the attached components to operate safely. Once  your Landscape lighting design is complete, you can figure out what size of low voltage transformer you need, and you can install a variety of lights around your home. Bees Lighting offers different size of low voltage transformer with many finishes available for low prices and best quality that meets your needs.