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High Bay Lighting

High bay lighting are ceiling light fixtures ideal for large indoor spaces like gymnasiums, warehouses, retail shops and other commercial applications. High bay lights offer different technologies to meet efficiency standards. Shop Bees Lighting for the great selection of LED high bays, Fluorescent high bay, LED Ready High Bay or retrofits for high bay lights.


LED High Bay Lights

LED High bay lights offer the most energy efficient solution to light up large indoor commercial spaces like warehouses, retail shops, gymnasiums and many more locations. LED high bay fixtures offer long low maintenance life span, making them ideal for high mounting situations. There are also special high bay fixtures to meet special application requirements. Browse through LED bay lights by round, UFO or linear design or by special applications like 480V, wet location or vapor tight high bays. LED High bay lights are meant to replace metal halide T5 and T8 fluorescent high bays.

Fluorescent High Bay Lights 

Fluorescent high bay lights offer a more traditional approach to lighting up large indoor commercial spaces. These High bay fixtures use T5, T5HO or T8 tubes to illuminate any location. Fluorescent high bay fixtures are meant for one to one replacements for metal halide high bays. These fixtures can be suspended or pendant mounted easily for general bay lighting.

 LED Ready High Bay

LED ready fixtures for high bays are similar to fluorescent high bays but do not have the ballast in the channel. This eliminates the need to disconnect the ballast and re-do the wiring when using a fluorescent fixture with an LED tube. LED ready high bays have a shunted socket on one end and are compatible with single end LED T8 tubes. Replace 4-lamp T8, 6-lamp T8 and 8-lamp T8 high bays with LED ready high bay fixtures to take advantage of the long rate life and low maintenance of LED T8 lamps for a more energy efficient lighting.

LED Retrofit for High Bays

LED retrofit bulbs are alternative ways to replace metal halide round high bays with LED. LED retrofit bulbs are high-output LED bulbs that can match the lumens of traditional high bays at a fraction of the wattage. These retrofit for high bay bulbs can screw in to the socket of the existing high bay, removing the need to replace the whole fixture and minimizing installation costs. LED retrofit bulbs for HID can either be direct replacement ballast compatible (used with existing ballast) or bypass ballast (remove existing ballast) installation. Choose between E26 edison base or E39 mogul base. LED retrofit bulbs can replace 150 watts metal halide, 175 watts metal halide, 250 watts metal halide, 400 watts metal halide and 1000 watts metal halide high bays.

LED Low Bay Lights

LED low bay lights are used for small-scale bay lighting that doesn't require as much light as typical LED high bays. LED low bay lighting is ideal for small warehouses or convention centers with low ceilings. Low bay lights are also used for parking garages, aisle lighting, and in workshops and workstations as substitute for LED shop lights. LED low bay fixtures typically replace 175 watts to 250 watts metal halide or 2-lamp T5HO to 4-lamp T8 fluorescent lamps. Choose from linear LED low bays, round LED low bays and UFO LED low bays.