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Hardwired and Plug-in LED Light Bar

Shop for Hardwired and plug-in Light bars by series. The LED light bars offer hard wired set up or plug in power cords for easy installation. These LED light bars offer interconncectability to create longer rows of light. LED Light bars are suitable to illuminate important surfaces and are most commonly used in kitchen under cabinets, shelves, cove lighting, display cases, task areas and many more commercial and residential applications. Many options availabel decide on length, color finish and color temperature.

Hardwired and plug-in LED Light Bars

Bees Lighting selection of LED cabinet light bar offers brands like Nora Lighting, GM Lighting, Lithonia, MaxLite and Satco. The LED light bar are suitable for lighting applications such as kitchen under cabinets, cove lighting, vanities, task lighting, retail, commercial and residential applications. With different color temperature options like 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K to add color to any application. Color Finishes of white or bronze to match or add style to any design. Lumens can reach up to 1600L and lengths from 8in. up to 48in. Most of these LED light bars can be interconnected to create longer rows of light. These Light bars use a 120V and are either hardwired or suitable for plug-in.