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Espen specializes in LED retrofit solutions for commercial fluorescent fixtures. Replace fluorescent T8 and T5 lamps with Espen LED tubes for strip lights, vapor tight fixtures and high bays. Espen's LED retrofit kits are energy-efficient equivalents for troffers, panels and strip lights. Espen also has LED drivers and emergency ballasts for LED linear fixtures and backup lighting systems.

Espen RetroFlex LED Tube Lamps

Type A LED tube lamps from Espen are compatible with existing electronic ballasts in fluorescent fixtures. Espen RetroFlex LED lamps are highly efficient ballast compatible plug and play T5 and T8 tubes. There is no need to change the existing fixture since Type A LED lamps are direct replacement for fluorescent T5 and T8 lamps. RetroFlex lamps work with instant start, program start and dimming ballasts. Espen ballast compatible lamps come in 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 6ft and 8ft.

Espen Flex LED Tube Lamps

Espen Flex T5 and T8 are bypass ballast LED tube lamps for Type B retrofit installation. Type B lamps require the ballast to be removed and the LED tube to be wired directly to the input 120-277V line voltage. Espen Flex LED lamps have an internal driver for up to 50% less system power consumed. Bypass ballast lamps can be either single end or double end. Single end LED tubes receive voltage only on one side while double end LED tubes receive power on both ends.

Espen UniFlex LED Tube Lamps

Espen UniFlex is a line of hybrid Type A+B LED tube lamps that can work with or without the electronic ballast. The LED lamp works as plug and play with the existing fluorescent ballast for Type A installation. It can also work with direct connection to the line voltage to its internal driver for Type B double ended installation. Espen hybrid LED tubes work with instant start and rapid start ballasts.

Espen CoreTech LED Tube Lamps

CoreTech LED T5 and T8 lamps from Espen are Type C retrofit lamps that utilize an external driver. The existing fluorescent ballast is removed and replaced by Espen LED programmable multi-channel drivers. The multi-channel design allows the lamps to work independently even when one lamp fails. The external driver also allows for dimming capability that Type A and Type B lamps lack.

Espen RetroFlex Emergency Ballasts

LED emergency ballasts provide up to 90 minutes of operation under lower power to LED fixtures in the event of emergencies or power outages. Espen RetroFlex emergency ballasts work with dual input voltage 120/277V. The long life NiCad battery is housed inside a durable, heavy-duty steel housing that can withstand high temperatures. RetroFlex emergency ballasts can power 1-lamp or 2-lamp fixtures up to 1300 lumens.

Espen VersaKIT LED Retrofit Kits

VersaKIT LED retrofit solutions from Espen are LED linear retrofit kits that convert existing fluorescent fixtures into LED. Switch from fluorescent T5, T8 and T12 lamps to LED modules or LED tube lamps. LED retrofits use the existing housing to save in installation time and cost. Espen linear retrofit kits can replace troffers, strip lights, channels and panels.