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Emergency Exit Lights

LED exit signs and emergency fixtures ensure safety and security in times of need. These emergency fixtures are ideal for corridors, stairways and building exits. LED exit signs come in thermoplastic, polycarbonate, or die-cast aluminum housing. Emergency nickel cadmium battery backup also available. Choose from LED exit signs, edge lit exit signs, aluminum exit signs, LED emergency lights, replacement lamps, and combo units.

LED Exit Signs

LED exit signs are essential for building security. Choose from polycarbonate, thermoplastic, edge-lit, or aluminum material. These exit signs come with emergency battery backup to make sure they stay lit up during emergencies. Clear red and green face letters can easily be seen in the dark or when there is smoke in the area.

LED Emergency Lamps

LED emergency lamps provide needed lighting during power outages or emergencies. Choose from single lamp or double lamp emergency units with adjustable unit heads. LED emergency fixtures provide bright lighting for stairways, hallways, and building exits in times of panic or trouble.

LED Exit/Emergency Combo Units

LED combo units combine LED exit signs with LED emergency lamps for an all-in-one fixture during emergencies. The LED lamps can either be two adjustable lamps heads or a single integrated LED lightbar.