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Delta Breez is the brand of residential bathroom exhaust fans that can deliver a powerful combination of high-performance, quietness, state-of-the-art brushless DC motor technology, and affordability in every fan Most the fans are ENERGY STAR®-qualified.

Delta BreezSlim Fan Series

BreezSlim series bath exhaust fans from Delta are powerful yet low profile fans for ceiling mount or wall mount installation. This ultra quiet fan operates at just 1.0 sone or less with fan airflow of 50 CFM, 70 CFM, 80 CFM or 100 CFM. Delta BreezSlim compact bathroom fans come with either a 3-inch round duct or 4-inch oval duct. Delta slim bathroom exhaust fans feature a reliable DC brushless motor, an LED indicator light and a modern grille design.

Delta BreezIntegrity Fan Series

Delta BreezIntegrity series bathroom fans are UL listed for shower/tub enclosures and are engineered to run for a minimum of 70,000 hours. The brushless DC motor ensures low noise and low power consumption for a quiet 1.5 sones and less operation. BreezIntegrity exhaust fans provide fan airflow of 50 CFM, 70 CFM, 80 CFM and 100 CFM. Extra features of these fans include a built-in LED light and a humidity sensor.

Delta BreezGreenBuilder Fan Series

The BreezGreenBuilder series fans exceeds Energy Star efficiency requirements by as much as 192%. This Delta quiet fan operates at as low as 0.8 sones and either 80 CFM or 100 CFM. Delta BreezGreenBuilder fans are offered as fan only or a combination of fan with humidity sensor, fan with motion sensor or fan with LED light. Fan only models can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling.

Delta BreezSignature Fan Series

The Delta BreezSignature ventilation fans use a brushless DC motor for an ultra quiet and energy-efficient operation as low as <0.3 sones. A green LED indicator is included to show the fan is on even with a low sone level. BreezSignature bath exhaust fans can either be single speed or dual speed with 80 CFM, 110 CFM or 130 CFM airflow. Fan combinations include fan with Bluetooth stereo speaker, fan with motion sensor, fan with humidity sensor, fan with LED light and fan with nightlight.

Delta BreezRecessed Fan Series

The BreezRecessed Delta ventilation fan combines an Energy Star qualified 1.5 sones quiet fan with a recessed can light that produces 1000 lumens of 2700K warm white LED light. This bathroom exhaust fan is installed in the ceiling and operates 80 CFM on a 4-inch duct size. The BreezRecessed also has a 2-watt nightlight for decorative ventilation.

Delta BreezRadiance Fan Series

The Delta BreezRadiance series is an all-in-one combination of a quiet bath fan, bathroom light and bathroom heater. The bathroom fan uses a brushless DC motor to deliver 1.5 sones and 80 CFM or 110 CFM with a duct diameter of 4-inch. This ventilation fan also includes a 13W LED light and a 1300W heating element with built-in thermostat for consistent temperature.

Delta BreezSmart Fan Series

Delta BreezSmart fans deliver high air flow with 130 CFM or 150 CFM through a 6-inch duct ideal for larger bathrooms. BreezSmart exhaust fans are virtually silent with as low as only 0.3 sones and less than 18 watts power consumed. Bath fans with LED light uses a 13W main light with 800 lumens output, plus a 2W nightlight. Fans also have dual speed, humidity sensor and motion sensor options.

Delta BreezProfessional Fan Series

The Delta BreezProfessional series offers powerful airflow for heavier applications and larger rooms. Choose between Pro200 and Pro300 for 200 CFM or 300 CFM fan airflow through a 6-inch detachable metal duct adapter. These fans have an LED indicator running light and motor lock protection. The noise level goes up to 2.0 sones for the 300 CFM version.