Cree LED Troffer and Flat Panel

Cree CR Series LED Troffer

The CR Series LED troffers are created with new LED technology that provides great lumen output as well as being energy efficient. This technology is  The troffer is available in two different sizes as well as two color temperatures and two lumens options. This fixture can also be dimmed to reduce the amount of energy used. 

Cree ZR Series LED Troffer

LED troffers by Cree are great replacements for fluorescent troffers. The ZR series comes in three different size options and two different selections for lumens, color temperature and wattage all combining to provide a high quality fixture. The fixture is very thin and lightweight to make installation easier and completed under five minutes.

Cree Essentia LED Flat Panel

The Essentia LED flat panel is a recessed commercial panel that has edge-lit technology and provides optimum lumen output while still not being a harsh light. This fixture comes in  two different sizes as well as two options for lumens and wattage and is available in three different color temperatures. In addition, it is dimmable to be energy efficient.