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Commercial Lighting

Commercial Indoor Lighting

Commercial indoor lighting fixtures include high bays, troffers, strip lights, LED shop lights, and wraparounds. They are generally surface mount ceiling lights, but can also be suspended with a pendant, hook and chain, or cord. Various applications that can benefit from commercial indoor light fixtures are warehouse lighting, office lighting, and garage lighting.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Commercial outdoor fixtures include area lights, flood lights, wall packs, surface mounted canopy lights, and vapor tights. They can be installed in parking lots, gas stations, arenas, and barns. All of these have flexible uses and can be paired together for a more effective lighting design in large outdoor spaces.

Commercial lighting fixtures provide energy efficient lighting and act as replacement for traditional HID bulbs. Old lighting fixtures typically use metal halide, fluorescent, halogen, incandescent or HPS light bulbs that dim over time and require frequent replacement and maintenance. Switching to commercial LED fixtures provides more benefits and advantages in the long run, such as longer rate life, less maintenance time, better light output, and higher cost savings.

Since lighting requirements vary for different applications, commercial LED lights can be divided into indoor and outdoor lighting. Commercial lighting is usually measured by the amount of light produced, and one advantage of LED fixtures is having higher light output with less power consumed. Other factors to consider are the color temperature and CRI, which define the quality of light.