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Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom exhaust fans are essential components of residential ventilation and air movement. Choose from a large selection of bathroom exhaust fans for any room size with variable sound level and light option. Bathroom fans are also available with night light, fan heater, motion and humidity sensing. 

Top Bathroom Exhaust Fan Brands

Bathroom Fan

Bathroom fans are important to eliminate odors, reduce humidity and prevent growth of molds and mildew contaminants that affect indoor air quality out of the most essential rooms in our homes. Ceiling mounted bathroom extractor fans are usually located in bathroom over or near showers, tubs, water closets and toilets. When shopping for a bathroom ventilation fan, you should consider the room size for cfm rating, sound level and duct size. Bees Lighting offers a variety of cfm ceiling fans including the most common 50 cfm, 80 cfm, 100 cfm, and 110 cfm.  Quiet bathroom fans are available as low as 0.3 sones with the best prices and certifications including energy star and HVI. 

Bathroom Fan with Light

Bathroom fans with light may include either a fluorescent bulb, incandescent bulb, LED bulb or integrated LED light cover. Most fans are now using an LED light combination for more energy savings and longer bulb rate life. The included light may be dimmable and compatible with most dimmers. Bathroom ceiling fans with LED light are energy efficient alternatives to having the fan and light separate. 

Bathroom Fan Heater

Exhaust fans with heaters are convenient for fast heating within the bathroom without having to wait for the main heater to heat up the whole house. The heat provided can come from an integrated heating element or from infrared bulbs. Bathroom exhaust fan with heaters may come with a combination of the light, motion sensor and humidity sensor for a complete ventilation and heating package. 

Humidity Sensing Bathroom Fan 

Humidity sensing bathroom fans are the new evolution and smarter extractor fans. The integrated humidity sensor fans continuous to run until humidity level in the room goes below a preset level, and then it turns itself off. Humidity sensing bathroom fans are available with an ultra quiet noise level as low as 0.3 sones and built in light option. 

Motion Sensing Bathroom Fan 

Motion sensing bath fans are convenient for high traffic rooms and commercial application. The integrated motion sensor turn on  the fan when movement is detected within the range of the sensor preset value. The adjustable time delay feature will allow the fan to turn off when no movement detected for a preset time.

Bathroom Fan with Night Light

Aside from the main light, some ventilation fans also include a built-in night light feature for lower illumination at night. The night light are separate from the main light and usually consumes less than 5 watts. The bathroom fans with the night light feature offer safety and energy saving so you won't have to keep the main light on at night. 

Bluetooth Bathroom Fan

Bluetooth bathroom fans enables you to add entertainment while the energy efficient quit fans ventilate your bathroom. Bathroom fans has the option of built-in or an add-on kit for the Bluetooth speaker feature. The Bluetooth bathroom fans are great options to replace your existing fan without cutting or modifying walls.