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Ballasts and LED Drivers

Choose from a huge selection of LED drivers, transformers and power supplies for LED fixtures and ballasts for fluorescent fixtures. LED drivers are important to provide power to fixtures during normal operation or in cases of emergency. There are different types of LED power supplies and LED drivers that match the requirements of the fixture. LED emergency battery backups are used in special cases to keep the fixture operational even when the main power source is lost. There are also LED low voltage transformers specific for LED landscape fixtures. For fluorescent lamps, fluorescent ballasts and fluorescent emergency ballasts do the work of regulating power. Another special type of driver is the emergency backup inverter, which provides power to emergency lighting systems.

LED Drivers

LED drivers are used to convert high voltage AC current to low voltage DC current required by LED fixtures. Different LED fixtures have varying power requirements, so there are different types of LED drivers for each application. Constant voltage LED drivers have a fixed voltage of either 12V DC or 24V DC and a maximum output current. Constant current LED drivers have a specific output current and an output voltage range. Having an external LED driver is more advisable so if the driver goes bad, the whole fixture does not need to be replaced and the driver can be swapped in with a new one.

A special class of LED drivers is the LED landscape lighting transformers, which are rated for outdoor damp and wet locations and have a multi-tap feature to increase the output voltage between 12V to 15V for longer runs.

LED Low Voltage Landscape Transformers

LED transformers used for landscape lighting are especially rated IP65 or greater for both indoor and outdoor damp location and wet location use. LED landscape lighting transformers are made of non-corrosive material like bronze or stainless steel that can withstand water, dust and extreme weather. LED low voltage landscape power supplies convert line voltage 120-277V AC current into low voltage 12V DC current that is used by landscape fixtures. One feature of landscape power supplies is the multi-tap option from 12V - 15V that allows the current to be run longer while minimizing the voltage drop.

LED Emergency Drivers

LED emergency ballasts and battery backups provide extended power to LED fixtures during power outages. LED emergency drivers use a battery instead of line voltage to provide power. When the main power goes off, LED emergency battery backups typically provide up to 90 minutes of power at a reduced light output. These battery packs work in two ways: connect to the main LED driver as replacement for the power source, or connect directly to the fixture and feed the power there. LED emergency drivers come in handy during fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Fluorescent Emergency Ballasts

Similar to LED emergency drivers, fluorescent emergency ballasts provide backup power to T5, T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps. Emergency ballasts can operate most 1-lamp or 2-lamp fluorescent linear 2ft, 4ft and 8ft tubes. These also work with magnetic, electronic, instant start, rapid start and slimline ballasts. Emergency fluorescent ballasts provide up to 90 minutes of lower output light and can be installed in troffers, strip lights and wraparounds.

Emergency Backup Lighting Inverters

Compact interruptible power systems are used to create emergency lighting systems. Standby power systems use 120-277V line voltage as both input and output to power light fixtures.