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Ballast Compatible T8 LED Tube Lights

Ballast compatible T8 LED bulbs are the easiest retrofit solution for fluorescent fixtures. Also known as plug and play LED tube lights or Type A LED tubes, these T8 lamps allow for simple and fast installation into the existing connection without rewiring or other modifications. T8 LED lamps are ideal for installation in linear fixtures like strip lights, vapor tight fixtures, troffers, and high bays. Check the LED T8 manufacturer for a list of compatible fluorescent ballasts.

Plug and Play LED Tubes - Type A

Plug and play LED tubes are used for "relamping" installations where only the lamp is replaced and the current wiring is kept intact. Type A LED tubes work with the existing electronic ballast so there is less installation and maintenance costs involved. The T8 LED retrofit lamps are double ended and get power from both sockets. Not all fluorescent ballasts are compatible with LED replacement lamps, so it is important to check with the manufacturer's ballast compatibility list first. Using T8 plug and play LED lamps run the risk of the fluorescent ballast dying out before the LED lamp's rate life, so the ballast needs to be replaced first before the LED fluorescent tube replacement will work again. 

Ballast compatible LED tubes are most common in 4ft LED tubes and 8ft LED tubes, but also come in 2ft LED tubes, 3ft LED tubes, 5ft LED tubes, and 6ft LED tubes for various fluorescent tube replacement applications. Direct replacement LED tubes come in G13 medium bi-pin, R17d recessed double contact, and Fa8 single pin base types to be match any fluorescent socket.

Ballast Compatible Wiring