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8ft LED Shop Lights

8ft LED shop lights are linear fixtures used in commercial and industrial applications to replace fluorescent shop lights. 8ft LED shop light fixtures can be flush mount to the ceiling or hanging shop lights using hook and cables or chains. Most 8ft shop lights are hardwired and have a linkable feature. LED shop lights are dimmable and have longer rate life and better light output than traditional fixtures. These are ideal for retail stores, professional garages, auto shops and small warehouses.

8 ft LED strip shop lights

8 ft LED Strip Shop Lights

LED strip shop lights are linkable linear strip lights that are used for commercial and residential purposes. 8 ft LED strip shop lights can be used in grocery stores, professional garages, utility rooms and workshops.

8 ft LED wraparound shop lights

8 ft LED Wraparound Shop Lights

LED wraparound strip lights are linear ceiling fixtures with acrylic reflector that replace fluorescent T8 lights. LED wraparounds are great for basements, sheds, utility areas and storage rooms.