LED 2-Pin (GX23) PL-H Lamp - 13W CFL Equal - 520 Lumens - 4000K - Bypass/Magnetic - Horizontal


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SKU: 5.5PLS-840-HYB-GX23
Mfr Part Number: 57823

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The Green Creative 5.5PLS-840-HYB-GX23 LED PL-H plug in light bulb offers an easy CFL to LED conversion. This 2-Pin (GX23) LED PL lamp emits 520 Lumens on a 4000K color temperature while using 6 Watts of power to efficiently replace a 13W CFL plug in lamp. The 5.5PLS-840-HYB-GX23 LED PL-H lamp mounts Horizontal into most fixtures through a ballast bypass or plug and play with magnetic ballast installation.

  • Replaces GE F13DBX 841 SBX841, Sylvania CF13DD 841, Philips PL-C 13W 841
  • HYBrid installation - DIRect or BYPass
  • Compatible with magnetic ballasts - DIRect installation
  • Built-in universal voltage driver - BYPass installation
  • Suitable for use in totally enclosed fixtures
  • 5 Year Warranty