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12V Landscape Lighting

12V LED Bullet Flood Lights

LED directional low voltage flood lights are ideal choice to emphasize the best features around your home, whether it is the garden, walkways, patio or yard. And more efficient for creating a secure exterior area. 12V LED Bullet Flood Light are used with more precise beam angle that puts light exactly where you intend, to satisfy almost any LED area lighting for many commercial and residential outdoor applications.We have many stylish 12V fixtures with attractive colors and finishes like bronze, brass, black or gray to complement the design of the area. Bees Lighting website offers a large range of efficient LED floodlights for countless applications. If you are looking for the certain type of fixture, you can narrow down your options through the available search filters.

12V LED Wall Wash Flood Lights

LED low voltage wall wash lights provide accent lighting to illuminate large areas, pillars and other tall structures. The wide beam of warm white light also make wall wash fixtures ideal for billboard and sign lighting even when it mounted in a short distance away. LED wall wash 12V flood lights shines brightly and long lasting. LED flood lights provide maximum energy efficiency with less cost and maintenance.

12V LED Step Lights

The 12V landscape Step lights are an excellent accessory to staircases, walkways, and outdoor decks, they provide subtle illumination when the sun goes down. You will love how step lights can add a warm and cozy glow to your outdoor area, they are easy to install and can be placed in various positions such as beneath the fence ,banisters and handrails. LED step lights provide long-term cost-savings and they are protected against high-pressure water jets. Bees Lighting have a great assortment of 12V LED Landscape step lights, they are made with superior quality materials, and come in many shapes, sizes, and styles.

12V LED Landscape Deck & Patio Lights

It is the time to relax on your deck and enjoy the nighttime sky. Deck lights provide a soft glow of illumination to enhance the atmosphere on decks and patios year round. There are a variety of Low voltage Deck lights options when it comes to lighting your deck floor and they're safe and easy to work with. Some styles can be installed into your deck, and barely be seen at all. Others sit atop posts. Post lights highlight the size and shape of the deck and offer general illumination. Bees Lighting offers an array of choices for every style and budget, in our website you'll find great prices on a wide range of different 12V deck lights for your home.Our Lights offers a long-lasting glow and energy efficient deck lighting for a safer outdoor experience. 
12V LED Landscape Path Lights

12V LED Landscape Path Lights

Outdoor low voltage path lighting is a landscaping option, creates a gentle light source to illuminate walkway, driveway, and backyards. They can be strategically positioned to accent the plants and features you want to highlight. These lights come in direct contact with the ground and because they’re always exposed to the weather, these lights need to be rated for use in wet environment. LED landscape low voltage path lights can be used for safety—to illuminate paths, and dark zones.  Operates at 12 volts, is safe to work with, energy efficient, durable, and easy to install and move. Path Light is available in various heights, wattage, and style to highlight and prevent damage to prize plants which line the path. Browse through our path light fixtures, you'll find great prices on a wide range of different path lights for your home, that will suit your need.

12V LED Hardscape Lights

LED 12V Hardscape lighting are small size fixtures and output a lot of light, they used in residential applications where there is an extensive use of lights, to create a clean and modern look to your outdoor architecture. Most outdoor living spaces are constructed with concrete and pavers which makes illuminating them a real challenge. Bees Lighting  offer a large selection of in-ground lighting options with variety of durable finishes suitable to add accent illumination to retaining walls and other hardscapes. This assortment of LED in-ground landscape lighting combines cost-saving, efficiency with modern design. Also they are protected against high-pressure water and outdoor elements for years of enjoyment.

12V LED Landscape Inground Lights 

Whether for commercial applications or home gardens, 12V In-Ground Well Light gives you the solution to light up your outdoor area without distraction of the fixtures. Simplicity meets function and durability with the 12V decorative In-Ground Light. Our burial fixtures provide long lasting performance with maximum protection to tolerate severe weather conditions and outdoor elements. Illuminate your property with Inground Lights that accents your beautiful landscaping at night. Bees Lighting's LED landscape inground Light products combine style and versatility at a competitive cost.  

12V LED Landscape Submersible Lights

Submersible low voltage fixtures create more ideal lighting effects in or near water features and allow your waterscape to express its beauty at night. Underwater Lights are engineered to provide the safest and most efficient lighting for underwater landscape lighting needs.  Bees Lighting's underwater lighting products are perfect for illuminating and bring life to your water landscapes after dark. Our underwater LED lights quality and designs provide powerful and warm natural colored output to assure safety and brilliance under water.