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120V Landscape Lighting

120V LED Bullet Flood Lights

LED 120V directional flood lights are ideal to highlight a specific area of your yard and security purposes. These LED bullet flood lights are used as accent for trees, shrubs and other area of interest in the yard, gardens or parks. LED bullet floods 120V line voltage are correct lights to work well in all types of weather, With variety of Kelvin color temperature and different color finishes like bronze,brass,black or gray. Adjustable beam angles also available. The led 120V Bullet Flood light can be angled to direct the light exactly where desired. Bees Lighting website offers a large range of efficient LED floodlights for countless applications. If you are looking for the certain type of fixture, you can narrow down your options through the available search filters.

120V LED Wall Wash Flood Lights

LED 120V wall wash lights provide accent lighting to building facades, pillars and other tall structures.The wide beam angles accommodate any outdoor floods light applications and make wall wash fixtures ideal for billboard, sign lighting and improving building security. LED flood lights provide maximum energy efficiency with most competitive prices and less maintenance. Wall wash flood light is available in white and bronze finish.

120V LED Landscape Step Lights

Line voltage exterior lighting step lights are designed to light up your home or the outdoor landscape area with soft glow to transform your spaces into truly inspired settings. LED 120V step lights make your open-air living space more hospitable and safer  by providing just enough lighting at night to help you see the steps.These luminaires Designed to enhance style on stairways, patios, decks, balcony areas, and walkways. they come in decorative varieties of exciting styles ,finishes, and outstanding quality. LED landscape step light is easy to install and build into a new or existing deck, and it is protected against water or dust.The LED landscape step light designed with a sleek profile to achieve light quality, functionality, and durability. at Bees Lighting you can shop 120V step landscape lights For commercial, security, and municipal applications to illuminate your space in a way that promotes both safe footing and appealing ambience.

120V LED Landscape Bollard Lights

LED line voltage Bollard lights are one of the most attractive lighting options available to homes and businesses for landscape lighting as they are offered in a variety of modern and rustic design options to match any architectural space or to meet a specific functional need. LED Landscape 120V bollard lights are a great way to light up pathways, decks, patios, front yards, backyards, gardens and more, while keeping your family safe and secure at night, and also making your property seem larger with strategic placement. They can be strategically placed along walking areas, aiding in directing guests where you wish them to go, for larger outdoor spaces and commercial locations. Enjoy entertaining more time outdoors when the sun goes down by lighting up the night with new, energy efficient and wet location rated LED bollard light fixtures that will positively complement the design of your home's exterior decorative styles. Bees Lighting is happy to provide the best prices on bollard Light fixtures with a variety of materials, styles and colors that fit your need, to enjoy years of dependable lighting. 

120V LED Landscape Inground Lights

LED Landscape In-ground high power lights are Ideal for accent lighting, landscaping, columns and other architectural features, they create a durable and permanent outdoor lighting solution without the distraction of obtrusive fixtures. In-ground high power LEDs can be mounted in-ground or in-wall, and designed to work with 120 Volt, no transformer needed, they also provide superior performance under all weather conditions. Using burial well lights will save energy to light your outdoor with more architectural look to  Highlight the natural beauty of your landscaping with the quality and the efficiency of LED technology. Bees Lighting offers the perfect in-ground well light options suitable to illuminate patios, garden walls ,commercial building up lighting, tree lights, and safety accent lighting.