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2x2 LED Troffer
and Panel

2x4 LED Troffer
and Panel

1x4 LED Troffer
and Panel

3500K LED Troffer
and Panel

  • 3500K Neutral White

4000K LED Troffer
and Panel

  • 4000K Cool White

5000K LED Troffer
and Panel

  • 5000K Cool White

Recessed Troffers & Panels

Choose from a great selection of recessed troffers and panels from Bees Lighting. Ceiling panels and troffers are perfect lighting solutions for offices, classrooms, showrooms, lobbies, reception areas and general interior lighting. Bees Lighting offers 2x2, 2x4, and 1x4 troffers and flat panels in LED and fluorescent. Shop by 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K color temperatures. Architectural, volumetric, and surface mount troffers also available.

2x2 LED Troffers and Panels

LED troffers and panels can be installed in 2x2 ceiling grids by recessed or surface mount. Lay-in LED troffers are ideal replacements for traditional fluorescent troffers in new or remodel construction.

2x4 LED Troffers and Panels

2x4 LED troffers and panels are energy-efficient lighting solutions for offices, schools, hospitals, and retail. LED panels have high efficacy and better color-rendering than traditional ceiling panels.

1x4 LED Troffers and Panels

LED 1x4 recessed troffers are designed to lay in drop ceilings and produce even, consistent light. LED troffers have long life and high lumen maintenance.