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  • 10 feet to 35 feet round and square poles

Arms and Brackets

  • Slipfitter, bullhorn, and pole brackets

Mounts and Anchor Bolts

  • Pole mounts and anchor bolts

Pole Adapters

  • Square and round pole tops

Poles and Accessories

Choose from a great selection of poles and mounting accessories from Bees Lighting. Provide bright LED lighting to parking lots, plazas, campuses, parks and general open areas. Poles come in round and square and reach mounting heights up to 35 feet. Steel lighting poles can be used for area light, street light, and flood light mounting applications. Lighting poles are designed for ground mounting and are made of reinforced steel to withstand extreme weather conditions. Other outdoor accessories include pole and tenon mounts, anchor bolts, swivel and wall mounts, pole brackets, mounting arms, and pole adapters.