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Dimmer Switches and Dimming Controls

Bees Lighting carries a huge selection of dimmer switches and dimming controls from leading brands. Choose dimmers for different load types such as CFL and LED dimmers, fluorescent dimmers, 0-10v LED and fluorescent dimmers, incandescent dimmers, magnetic low voltage dimmers, and electronic low voltage dimmers. Dimmers can be operated by toggle, rocker, rotary, tap switch, slider, push paddle, plug-in, or digital. Dimmer switches can carry single pole, double pole, 3-way, and 4-way loads.

CFL/LED Dimmers

CFL/LED dimmers control dimmable CFL and LED bulbs and fixtures. Choose from preset and non-preset dimmers in single pole and 3-way switch types.

Incandescent Dimmers

Incandescent dimmer switches control dimming compatible incandescent bulbs and fixtures. Operation types include rocker, push paddle, tap switch, and slider.

Fluorescent Dimmers

Fluorescent dimmers control dimmable fluorescent bulbs and fixtures to the required lighting level, and can be used for commercial and residential applications.

0-10V Dimmers

Use 0-10V dimmers for compatible LED and fluorescent bulbs and fixtures. Available in tap switch, push paddle, and slide operations.

Low Voltage Dimmers

Choose from magnetic low voltage and electronic low voltage dimmers. Single pole and 3-way switch type combinations available.