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With many dimmers to choose from, Bees Lighting, is the premier distributor for all your lighting control needs. There are dimmers suitable for incandescent, fluorescent and CFL/LED bulb types. In addition, all come from trusted name brands including Legrand, Lutron and Synergy.

Trademaster GFCI

Innovative in architecture, Legrand, GFCI receptacles are designed to enhance safety, shorten installation times and increase productivity.


Timers are used to control functions such as the on and off operations of heaters, fans and many other devices. There are in-wall, digital, mechanical and plugin time controls for a variety of uses.

Fan Controls

Controls which can be used to control the airflow of fans. Legrand features LS, Harmony and wide slide series.

Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors that are used to control the lighting operation of spaces by detecting occupancy. They can be used to mount to wall, fixture and ceiling.


Light sensing technology used to reduce energy usage through light sensing technology. Available in many different variations including stem, swivel and locking type.


Switches that come in many different designs to include ease of installation and reliability. Bees Lighting offer a variety of switches to function for decorator, commercial, plugtail and industrial purposes.


There are many receptacles included for a wide range of purposes including decorator, commercial, plugtail and tamper resistance.


Stylish wallplates to cover installed electrical components. They are available in many distinctive styles to match any decor.


Quality ballasts available from trusted brands such as Espen and Universal Lighting. Bees Lighting also has a great selection of emergency backup ballasts as well as drivers.

Ventilation and Exhaust Fans

Ventilation and exhaust fans create a comfortable environment while providing newer capabilities such as sensing and lighting functions.

Smoke Detectors

Bees Lighting carries many types of detectors to provide protection from smoke, fire and carbon monoxide. Available in many different designs they also come with multiple features including sensing for both smoke and carbon monoxide.